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My babe just asked me a question, "Babe how do i turn you on?".
It still surprises me that not many girls know how to turn their man on especially when they are so wet and hungry for his dick. Instead of sitting there waiting for him to make the move, take a hint and make him want you.
Here are 5 ways you can totally turn him on

1.Dress classy and Sexy

The number one trick to turning the light on every man’s dick is to speak directly to his subconscious.
Make him wonder. Make him want to see just a little bit more. Look just a little bit longer. The sexy but classy look never goes out of style.

2.Never be afraid to say or do what you want or feel(you DO NOT need his permission)

Men do not enjoy being the dominant force in bed all the time. Men love to initiate sex, but not all the time. As a lady, when that point surely comes when you need that dick of his, do not wait for him to look at your sexy ass and expect him to charge at your pussy like a raging bull. Speak up. “Babe, I want your dick inside me right this moment” Or a little whisper in his ear “ My pussy is so hot for you right now”. Trust me , he would be inside of you before you blink. To sweeten the deal, try saying those words in public, every question asked of him, he would probably reply pussy.