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See this dude fucking the shit out of this poor girl.
Not sure how guys normally fuck, but this sex must have been so boring the girl would have been praying to God for him to cum.
No creativity what so ever
I know i would.
I would probably even give him his money back

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This beautiful wannabe twerk expert practices for her bf. I think she's got a nice ass. What do you guys think?

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Scouring the web this morning,found this video

This little bitch takes a piss on the side walk of her school building.
There's always a need to do something so fucking crazy. Especially in school. I wonder what the person taking the video must be thinking.
"How I wanna fuck this babe's pussy. But i dont know how to ask her. lol"
What do you all think?
Did you ever think that whilst still a virgin at high school??

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3.Tell him you want him to fuck you but do it without telling him

So you are horny, but do not know how to get him in the mood, mimic the picture above. (Enough said)

4.Be spontaneous:
Men can be really spontaneous it can be annoying. But there are those time when a girl wants some dick. Say he is watching a football match of his favorite team, your bored off your ass as you really hate football. Coincidentally, you feel your pussy getting wet as you watch him.

Go behind him, without saying a word, touch his chest slowly slipping you hand towards his zipper, he would ask “baby, what are you doing”, simply smile and say nothing. By the time your hands get to his zipper, he is already turned on.